Can I record sleep sessions outside SNOO in the SNOO App?

The SNOO App is no longer available on the Google Play Store, and it will be removed from the Apple App Store on January 10, 2024. For an improved user experience, download the Happiest Baby App on iOS or Android.

Yes! We have added a feature in our mobile app that allows you to submit journal entries for naps or bedtimes that were outside SNOO. To access, please make sure the following is set up:

  • SNOO is paired to the mobile app
  • SNOO App Version is 2.5.0 or higher
  • You have allowed Sleep Data collection in the app
    • You check, go to Help & Feedback > Manage Data Collection > SNOO Log & Notes is toggled On

Now, go to the ➕ on your app’s Dashboard page. You have two options to add a journal entry:

Option 1: To add a previous sleep session, fill out the Start Time field


Option 2: To start a journal for an active sleep session, press the Play button to start the timer


To end the timer and complete the journal entry, you’ll again have 2 options:

Option 1: Set the time a previous sleep session ended in the field End Time


Option 2: Tap on the Pause button to stop the ongoing timer


If you want to add any notes about the sleep session for example “Baby Stevie napped in the car on the way to Grandma’s” you may do so in the text box! Just make sure you do not add any personally identifiable information like addresses, emails, birthday dates, etc. in the Notes field.


Tap on the green ✔️ checkmark to submit your journal entry.

You may add, delete, or edit any previous sleep sessions with the Sleep Journalling feature 7 days prior to the current date. To look back on sleep sessions, head to Zoom Mode under the Daily Log, where you’ll be able to view notes made on the journal entry!

To access Zoom mode, on the Daily Log page double-tap the sleep diagram.


For all other questions, please click on submit a request for your request to be forwarded to our Customer Care team!

Happy SNOO-zing!

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