Why is the Happiest Baby App asking me to enable location?

Please make sure you have the latest version of the Happiest Baby App. The latest is always available from the Apple® App Store or Google Play®.

When pairing SNOO to Wi-Fi®, the operating systems (iOS and Android) require your device to allow GPS Location Services in order to find nearby Wi-Fi® networks. During the provisioning process, you may come across the following pop-up or screen:

The Happiest Baby App keeps asking me to enable location_ .jpeg

Tap on the Go to Settings button to be directed to your Happiest Baby App’s Permission settings. Please ensure the Location option is toggled ON! Once done, you can head back to the Happiest Baby App, where you will see the Wi-Fi® setup screen to continue the pairing process. You can disable Location when you finish pairing SNOO. 

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