Turning SNOO on

After placing the baby in SNOO with the SNOO Sack wings engaged...

  • Press the activity button on the front of SNOO. (The activity button light will turn from white to blue. And, SNOO will respond by making sound/motion.)
  • If crying continues, SNOO will move through 4 levels of increasing sound/motion, finding the level that works best to calm your baby’s upset.
  • To manually increase the level of sound/motion, simply press and hold activity button for 5 seconds. The button will change color and SNOO will go up to the next level. (See chart below for a description of the colors indicating each level.)
  • To stop all sound/motion, simply push activity button one time.
  • Many times, your baby will continue crying, even after SNOO goes to the highest level of sound/motion. In that case, SNOO will automatically stop after a few minutes...so you can take your baby out and figure out what is needed (milk, a diaper change, a cuddle, etc).




 SNOO is in Baseline Mode
  SNOO is in Level 1
  SNOO is in Level 2
  SNOO is in Level 3
  SNOO is in Level 4
  SNOO Action Stopped (still crying)
Safety clips not engaged correctly
 Ready mode

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