How does the Weaning feature work?

Sometime between 4-6 months, you will want to begin using SNOO without motion all night to start getting your baby ready to transition to a crib. We use motion all night in SNOO because it helps babies quickly learn better sleep habits (more sleep at night, more awake during the day). However, by 4-6 months most babies are ready to give up the rocking.

The SNOO app has a weaning feature which lets parents set the time they want to gradually reduce and then stop the all-night motion.  This prepares babies for an easy transition to the crib.  

To turn on Weaning 

  1. Open SNOO app
  2. Log in
  3. Slide the Weaning toggle button to the "on" position

What you can expect:

A green "W" icon is displayed on the app screen when weaning is on.

When you turn on Weaning SNOO will give your baby the normal movement and white noise until the baby is calm, gradually stepping down levels as it normally would.  After reaching baseline (the slowest movement) SNOO will stop movement after approximately 8 minutes.  If your baby cries SNOO will react to your baby as it normally would.  

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