How to set up your SNOO

1. Remove all contents from the box.

2. Remove SNOO from the protective cloth bag and place it – upside down – on top of the bag or another clean surface.

3. Insert each leg into base (match red and blue arrows on leg brackets to their corresponding colored arrows on the base).


4. Push leg into base until you hear a “click”.

5. Hand tighten all bolts.


6. Insert power adapter into socket in the middle of the bottom of base (there is a red circle around the socket).

7. Now, place SNOO on its four feet.

8. Place the rubber power cable holder on the leg that is closest to your wall power outlet.


9. Insert the power cable over the entire length of the power cable holder.

10. Plug power cord into your wall power outlet.

11. The power button at the front of SNOO will flash on and off for a few seconds before becoming a constant white light.


12. SNOO is now ready to help you soothe and protect your baby.


  • Always keep SNOO on a flat, even surface.
  • Never place anything under SNOO legs or mattress to elevate baby’s head.


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